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 Roquetas de Mar is situated 25 km west of Almería
and 160 km east of Malaga.
     It is one of the few resorts in Europe where the rainfall is scarce.
     The sun shines for more than 320 days a year!

 Current population: 71 279



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Roquetas is a very important tourist area
 with kilometers of uncrowded beaches.

All the beaches have been awarded the European Blue Flag for excellence.




wide and sandy beaches,
 nautical sports, restaurants
and hotels...

 Roquetas de Mar is also known for its golf courses and water sport activities.


Nature parks are abundant:  there is the "Punta Entinas" on the south western side of the municipality with 1960 hectares running parallel to the coast.
With over 2000 species of catalogued birds and specific flora forming, it is  one of the best dune ecosystems of the Iberian Peninsula.

Its infrastructure, thanks to both municipal and private investment, paves the way for a very excellent future for Roquetas, within a very important tourist area.  

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Its main activity is intensive agriculture, which is carried out in greenhouses under plastic.

                                                                                                                                             Gran Plaza Commercial                                                                  Theater                                                                            Bull ring  
    Theater / Teatro:
Avenida Reino de España, s/n
950 328 759
Bull ring / Plaza de toros:
Plaza Constitución, 1
04740 Roquetas De Mar, Spain
950 338 289


What the Toursim Office says


What the Toursim Office says




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What the Toursim Office says


In the last 10 years:

1996 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2008
37.237 40.582 42.333 44.370 47.570 50.954 53.815 58.519 65.886 70.228 71 279
People living in  (2005)
Roquetas de Mar 32.722
Aguadulce 12.801
Campillo del Moro 7.189
ElParador de las Hortichuelas 5.868
Urbanización de Roquetas 2.959
Cortijos de Marín 1.952
Las Marinas 1.837
El Solanillo 562,-2.615776&spn=0.060497,0.110567&t=k&hl=en


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